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The NKT businesses is based on a clear vision, a strong set of core values and a consistent corporate governance model.

As a natural consequence, we have formulated positions on issues of relevance to our business and our role as a global corporate citizen.


NKT’s position on diversity supports and supplements the Business Code of Conduct

At NKT, selecting members for the Board of Directors and recruiting executives for senior management positions is about ensuring that the Group possesses the best professional competences, social skills and cultural qualities to successfully reach its objective. 

NKT believes that both sexes have equal job opportunities in the Group. However, women are under-represented both in the management and in the staff functions generally. The reason is partly historical as there is a marked preponderance of men in the sectors in which NKT operates.  

NKT has been collecting data and monitoring the development in diversity, including gender distribution, in the Group’s most senior levels of management for several years. The most recent findings are available here.

Specifically in relation to the Board of Directors it is the objective that both sexes shall be represented as AGM-elected board members. The target for the under-represented sex is 17%, corresponding to one AGM-elected member. The Boards of Directors of the Group’s Danish subsidiaries are primarily of a legal nature and consist solely of internal employees. Accordingly, NKT sets no target figures for these boards.

NKT will continue to focus on offering both sexes equal opportunity to achieve a position at all management levels.

This position applies to NKT Holding and the Group’s Danish subsidiaries as a fundamental principle but will also be extended to upper levels of management in the Group’s business units worldwide.

Action plan
In order to promote equal opportunity for both sexes to attain senior positions, NKT will:

  • Demand that recruitment firms and headhunters include both sexes in the field of candidates for senior positions. 
  • Annually monitor the development in diversity, including gender distribution, in the Group’s most senior levels of management.
  • Increase the focus placed on career plans at the annual performance appraisals held with employees who are potential managers.

Responsibility for executing the components of the action plan lies with the HR functions of NKT’s Danish subsidiaries and NKT’s Executive Management, which will report to NKT’s Board of Directors.


NKT’s position on environmental issues supports and supplements the Business Code of Conduct

Group companies are required to introduce appropriate environmental management systems consistent with their activities, and Group employees must be provided with a safe and healthy working environment.

Where possible and relevant, environmental assessments will rank equal to other considerations as basis for decision-making at all levels.


  • Group companies must formulate environmental action plans that ensure continuous improvements*
  • Our environmental policy must be communicated to all employees*
  • Employees must be involved in the environmental activities *
  • Environmental impacts from production plants must be controlled
  • There must be continuous improvement in the utilisation of resources
  • Risk of pollution and accidents shall be prevented
  • Relevant environmental legislation and regulations shall be obeyed
  • Environmental enquiries shall be met with openness, cooperation and willingness to provide  information
  • NKT is committed to continuously reducing adverse environmental effects of its operations and acts as a good corporate citizen in all societies in which it operates.

* Depending on the individual business operations.


NKT’s position on security issues supports and supplements the Business Code of Conduct

The security of NKT’s employees has top priority, and Group companies are therefore required to regularly review the need for security programmes and arrangements.

Such programmes and arrangements must be tailored to the circumstances and locality of the individual Group companies and must include a decision on the need for:

  • Admittance control
  • Surveillance installations
  • Alarms
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Fire protection and inspection
  • Security procedures relating to business trips (with focus on critical regions, precautions against possible injuries and likelihood of being taken hostage)
  • Staff information and education programmes.

Group company managements must ensure that NKT employees know, understand and comply with all necessary security arrangements and that security considerations constitute a natural part of the everyday routines in Group companies.

Employees must share the responsibility for their own security and that of their colleagues and must respect relevant legislation and guidelines issued by authorities. This includes keeping themselves informed of foreign ministry guidelines regarding travel to countries where there is insufficient advance knowledge of local security conditions.

Employees cannot be compelled to travel to countries or regions where, according to foreign ministry guidelines, the level of security is such that visiting or staying is strongly advised against or not recommended.

Employees are always entitled to refuse to perform work which they consider to be a security risk.