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Contact NKT


Vibeholms Allé 25
DK-2605 Brøndby

CVR No. 62 72 52 14


Tel.:+45 4348 2000


Head of Investor Relations
Lasse Snejbjerg
Tel.:+45 4348 3240


IR Coordinator
Annie Breiner
Tel.:+45 4348 3204


Head of Communications
Helle Gudiksen
Tel.:+45 2349 9098
e-mail  Helle Gudiksen


More information can be found here


Jannie Ellebo
Tel.:+45 4348 3212
e-mail Jannie Ellebo

Mission and mindset

NKT operates its businesses in accordance with a long-term global mindset with focus on value creation

Since the establishment of the NKT holding structure in 1991 our objective has been to maximise the value-generating potential of each business in the conglomerate.

Our mission is

... to create value by exercising long-term and active ownership in businesses where NKT is best owner.

Global mindset
At NKT we consider a global mindset to be key to success. Continuous globalisation of the world community is creating opportunities to increase competitiveness through placement of production, development, logistics, marketing and administration where most advantageous in terms of cost level, access to talent, supply of qualified labour, knowhow, customers, subcontractors, etc. We therefore think and act globally in all our business units and strive to be among the leading industrial players in our markets.