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Contact NKT

NKT Holding A/S

Vibeholms Allé 25
DK-2605 Brøndby

CVR No. 62 72 52 14


Tel.:+45 4348 2000


Head of Investor Relations
Lasse Snejbjerg
Tel.:+45 4348 3240


IR Coordinator
Annie Breiner
Tel.:+45 4348 3204


Head of Communications
Helle Gudiksen
Tel.:+45 2349 9098
e-mail  Helle Gudiksen


More information can be found here


Jannie Ellebo
Tel.:+45 4348 3212
e-mail Jannie Ellebo


NKT is strongly characterised by its focus on growth and value creation based on global mindset and long-term, active ownership allied to business flair and courage

NKT is a modern industrial conglomerate with businesses specialising in professional cleaning equipment (Nilfisk), power cables (NKT Cables), and high-tech photonic products (NKT Photonics).

A recurring theme in our more recent history is that of a company with international outlook, the capital resources to buy and sell businesses, the capacity for long-term industrial development, the courage to invest, and the will to challenge its business units.

Best owner philosophy
NKT has specialised in spotting businesses with international development potential. Under NKT active ownership these businesses are developed over time into profitable global players, thereby realising strong value creation for the benefit of our shareholders. This value creation is typically achieved by organic growth in combination with acquisitions and mergers or other forms of collaboration. When NKT no longer considers itself best owner of a business and when the timing and value are right, the business is divested to a new best owner.

Active ownership
We are an owner that exerts active influence on our portfolio of industrial activities. NKT's Board of Directors approves and monitors the direction, strategies, goals and overall policies of the Group companies, supported by the functions in the holding company covering tasks within compliance, investor relations, legal affairs, business development and financial issues.

NKT Group structure 

Group Structure