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Contact NKT

NKT Holding A/S

Vibeholms Allé 25
DK-2605 Brøndby

CVR No. 62 72 52 14


Tel.:+45 4348 2000


Head of Investor Relations
Lasse Snejbjerg
Tel.:+45 4348 3240


IR Coordinator
Annie Breiner
Tel.:+45 4348 3204


Head of Communications
Helle Gudiksen
Tel.:+45 2349 9098
e-mail  Helle Gudiksen


More information can be found here


Jannie Ellebo
Tel.:+45 4348 3212
e-mail Jannie Ellebo


Upcoming events

04.05.2017  Christening of cable-laying vessel, Karlskrona

17.05.2017  Roadshow: Danske, Copenhagen

24.05.2017  Roadshow: ABG Sundal Collier, London

Previous events

21.04.2017  Annual General Meeting

Find more information here

22.02.2017  Roadshow: Nordea, London

23.02.2017  Roadshow: Frankfurt

21.02.2017  Roadshow: Nordea, Copenhagen

10.01.2017  SEB Nordic Seminar, Copenhagen

30.11.2016  Danske Bank Winter Seminar, Copenhagen

24.11.2016  Roadshow: Danske Bank, Frankfurt

23.11.2016  Roadshow: Danske Bank, Paris

17.11.2016  Roadshow: ABG Sundal Collier, London

11.11.2016  Roadshow: Nordea, Copenhagen

04.10.2016  Roadshow: Danske Bank, Frankfurt

29.09.2016  Roadshow: Danske Bank, Paris

27.09.2016  Roadshow: Danske Bank, London

23.09.2016  Roadshow: Nordea, Copenhagen

09.12.2015  Nordea: Photonics Group site visit, Birkerød, Denmark

  • Presentation
  • 10.09.2015  European Small Mid Cap Conference, London

  • Presentation
  • 02.09.2015  Carnegie Small & Mid Cap Seminar 2015, Stockholm

  • Presentation
  • Silent period

    NKT maintains a three-week silent period before scheduled earnings releases (quarterly, half-year and full-year results). During this period NKT participates in no meetings or presentations on financial matters and does not discuss such topics with financial analysts, investors or the press.