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Contact NKT

NKT Holding A/S

Vibeholms Allé 25
DK-2605 Brøndby

CVR No. 62 72 52 14


Phone +45 4348 2000

IR Coordinator
Annie Breiner
Phone +45 4348 3204
e-mail Michael Hedegaard Lyng   

Communications Manager
Helle Gudiksen
Phone +45 2349 9098
e-mail  Helle Gudiksen

Jannie Ellebo
Phone +45 4348 3212
e-mail Jannie Ellebo

Active ownership

- our key to growth and value creation

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- a megatrend with high NKT business potential

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global provider of professional cleaning equipment

NKT Cables

front-line supplier of power cables

Photonics Group

supplier of high-quality photonic products

Who we are

NKT is a modern industrial conglomerate with businesses specialising in professional cleaning equipment, power cables and high-tech photonic products 

Our mission is to create value by exercising long-term and active ownership in businesses where NKT is best owner.

We identify promising businesses which we develop over time by means of active ownership to become profitable global players. In this way we realise strong value creation for the benefit of our shareholders.

The NKT Group consists of three businesses: Nilfisk-Advance, NKT Cables and Photonics Group. We are present in more than 100 countries worldwide and employ some 8,900 people.

NKT is listed on the Nasdaq Copenhagen stock exchange.

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Business Units


NKT Cables

Photonics Group


Nilfisk is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cleaning equipment to commercial and industrial customers across the world. One product programme is marketed to private consumers.

Vision and mission 

We enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life

Nilfisk has assembly facilities in Europe, China and the Americas. The company has own sales entities in 45 countries around the world, and with a network of distributors covering an additional 70 countries Nilfisk products are sold in far more than 100 countries. The company employs 5,300 people (end 2013). 

To learn more read the Nilfisk corporate profile brochure 


Asia Training Center & Showroom, Shanghai

Household vacuum cleaner

Professional floorcare equipment: The SC1500

Outdoor compact utility machine: City Ranger 2250

Award-winning wet & dry professional vacuum cleaner VL500

High pressure washers for professional use

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The Nilfisk Group Management team:

  • CEO, Jonas Persson
  • EVP & CFO, Morten Johansen
  • EVP EMEA Sales & Service, Anders Terkildsen
  • SVP Americas Sales & Service, Jeff Barna 
  • EVP Global Operations, Lars Gjødsbøl
  • SVP Global Marketing and Product Management, Tina Mayn

Jonas Persson

Morten Johansen

Anders Terkildsen

Jeff Barna

Lars Gjødsbøl

Tina Mayn

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5-year financial highlights 

Amounts in DKKm 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Income statement          
Revenue 6,836  6,561 6,491 6,307 5,747
Operational EBITDA 799  778 775 732 612
EBITDA 896  778 745 699 526
Depreciation and amortisation -219  -213 -221 -202 -177
Impairment -4  0 -7 -7 -10
EBIT 673  564 517 490 339
Cash flow          
Cash flow from operating activities 564  500 666 351 210
Cash flow from investing activities -223  -218 -237 -390 -202
Free cash flow 341  282 429 -39 8
Balance sheet          
Capital employed 3,283  3,074 3,073 3,232 2,898
Working capital 1,190  1,073 1,039 1,216 1,074
Financial ratios and employees          
Gross margin 41.1%  40.9% 42.0% 41.8% 42.0%
Overhead ratio 32.1%  31.8% 32.8% 33.0% 34%
Operational EBITDA margin 11.7%  11.9% 11.9% 11.6% 10.7%
Organic growth 6%  3% 0% 8% 7%
Return on capital employed (RoCE) 17.6%  17.5% 17.1% 17.1% 15.1%
Number of employees, year-end 5,420  5,321 5,224 5,345 4,894
Cash conversion 71%  64% 86% 48% 34%


Nilfisk has the broadest product portfolio in its industry, comprising:

  • Floorcare equipment: Sweepers, scrubbers, dryers, polishers, sanders and carpet cleaners
  • Vacuum cleaners for both wet and dry use 
  • High pressure washers 
  • Outdoor equipment: Sweepers, mowers, snow clearers, etc.

Sales By Product

Sales By Geography


Sales By Customers


 Data from the NKT 2014 Annual Report


Nilfisk's strategy is to become Customers’ Preferred Choice by 2015  

Market and financial targets

  • 6% average annual organic growth incl. M&A growth over an economic cycle
  • Increased operational EBITDA margin (2013: 11.9%)
  • Increased return on capital employed (RoCE) (2013: 17.5%)

As part of realising the strategy, the company has identified five overall focus areas titled ‘Must Win Battles’:

  1. Develop best customer satisfaction
  2. Meet customers' delivery expectations
  3. Secure leadership in key emerging markets
  4. Develop strong culture and excellent leadership skills
  5. Reduce complexity




At Nilfisk we continuously strive to develop both our company and our people.

Our people are one of our core assets and their development is therefore a key focus area and goes hand in hand with that of our company.

As an employee at Nilfisk you will have the freedom to influence and shape your own area of work. In return, we expect high performance.

We make sure you receive plenty of development opportunities, which may potentially include an international career.



NKT Cables designs, manufactures and markets power cables for low, medium and high voltage solutions primarily in Europe and China.

NKT Cables has production facilities in Europe and China as well as sales offices around the world. The company employs some 3,560 people (end 2013).



NKT Cables is creating value for its customers by providing solutions with cables

QADDY installation

Special cables

Building wires

Beijing Tianjin Railway project

Submarine cables turntable

High voltage key projects

Click on picture to enlarge

The NKT Cables Group Management team:

  • CEO, Michael Hedegaard Lyng

  • CFO & EVP, Henrik Bøggild

  • EVP HV & Projects, Detlev Waimann

  • EVP Strategy & Specialties, Oliver Schlodder

Group HR is also part of Group Management and the position is currently vacant.

Michael Hedegaard Lyng

Henrik Bøggild

Detlev Waimann

Oliver Schlodder

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5-year financial highlights

Amounts in DKKm 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Income statement          
Revenue 8,738  8,983 8,526 9,088 8,520
Revenue in std. metal prices 6,055  6,017 5,421 5,635 5,547
Operational EBITDA 484  335 290 182 329
EBITDA 179  372 290 182 329
Depreciation and amortisation -296  -299 -292 -276 -221
Impairments -12  -58 0 -61 0
EBIT -129  15 -2 -154 108
Cash flow          
Cash flow from operating activities 955  -67 361 233 -528
Cash flow from investing activities, excl. acquisitions -205  -215 -268 -369 -702
Free cash flow 750  -282 93 -136 -1,230
Balance sheet          
Capital employed 3,661  4,557 4,346 4,470 4,701
Working capital 967  1,681 1,282 1,452 1,856
Financial ratios and employees          
Gross margin 39.3%  37.7% 37.3% 34.4% 35.7%
Overhead ratio 34.1%  33.5% 33.0% 32.4% 31.1%
Operational EBITDA margin (std. metal prices) 8.0%  5.6% 5.3% 3.2% 5.9%
Organic growth -5%  4% -4% 1% 16%
Return on capital employed (RoCE)  4.2%  0.8% 0.0% neg. 2.6%
Number of employees, year-end 3,211  3,560 3,395 3,503 3,490
Cash conversion  197%  -20% 124% 128% -160%


NKT Cables' operations are split in three business units:

  • Projects: On- and offshore high voltage power cables and accessories
  • Products: Low and medium voltage power cables and accessories, building wires, car wires and railway catenary wires in Europe 
  • APAC: Medium and high voltage power cables and accessories as well as railway

Sales by Business Unit

Sales By Geography

Sales by Customers

Data from the NKT 2014 Annual Report


NKT Cables' strategy is to further position the company to exploit opportunities involving power cable solutions with high technology and know-how.

Strategic financial targets

  • Improved profit
  • A return on capital employed (RoCE) in line with the overall target for the NKT Group, defined as around 15-20%   

In accordance with this strategy, substantial investments have been made in capacity, production flexibility, organisational structure, type approvals and market expansion pertaining to:

  • Submarine cables for offshore wind farms (Europe)     
  • High voltage cables for upgrade of transmission grids (Europe, China and Australia)
  • Catenary wires for expansion of high speed rail network (China)


Our ambition is to create a competitive advantage for our business that is based, above all, on the qualities and abilities of the people that we employ. To fulfil that ambition we need a highly-skilled, dedicated and creative workforce, with competencies and expertise across a broad range of areas.

Therefore, we are constantly looking for talented new employees in several fields, including engineering, industrial production, administration and sales. We offer a variety of career possibilities in a fast-paced, international business context, with many opportunities for gaining broad experience and rapid personal development.  

Our company headquarters are in Cologne, Germany. We also have facilities in Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, and China. Our sales and service forces are located and operate from locations around the globe.

If you wish to discover more about the career and job opportunities in NKT Cables, or wish to send an unsolicited application, please go to



Photonics Group supplies high quality photonic products ranging from fibers and lasers to systems and optical process equipment. The products are sold to a broad spectrum of industries, including life sciences, infrastructure and oil and gas

Photonics Group consists of three companies: NKT Photonics, based in Denmark, Lios Technology in Germany, and Vytran in the US. Sales are effected both directly and through distributors.

Photonics Group employs some 200 people (end 2013).           


To lead the way in transforming the photonics industry with high-quality products

Koheras laser system

Close-up of GPX-3000

Vytran FAS

SuperK white light laser

Lios DTS system

Lios DTS system, rear, to connect cables

Click on picture to enlarge

The Photonics Group Management team:

  • CEO NKT Photonics, Jakob Skov

  • CEO Lios Technology, Thomas Oldemeyer

  • CEO Vytran, Ed Connor

Jakob D. Skov

Thomas Oldemeyer

Ed Connor

Click on picture to enlarge

5-year financial highlights

Amounts in DKKm 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Income statement          
Revenue 290  266 237 210 185
EBITDA 21  6 9 1 -11
Depreciation and amortisation -22  -16 -17 -13 -12
Impairment -4  -8 0 0 0
EBIT -5  -18 -8 -12 -23
Cash flow          
Cash flow from operating activities 13  22 -10 -1 -31
Cash flow from investing activities -24  -35 -27 -30 -21
Free cash flow -11  -13 -37 -31 -52
Balance sheet          
Capital employed 201  200 210 183 172
Working capital 89  86 82 72 63
Financial ratios and employees          
EBITDA margin 7.2%  2.3% 3.8% 0% neg.
Organic growth 9%  13% 10% 16% 14%
Number of employees year-end 209  205 182 188 181


Photonics Group divides its activities into three core segments:


Imaging: Light sources and optical equipment that enables viewing of microscopic details. Main application areas are the life sciences industry and the semiconductor industry (microchips).

Sensing: Long-range measuring systems based on optical fibers. Main application areas today are fire detection, temperature measurement and seismic measurement in the energy, oil and gas industries.

Fiber processing: Precision equipment for production of fiber related assemblies. Application areas include the above sectors and fiber lasers, defence and telecommunications.

Sales By Product Area

Data from the NKT 2014 Annual Report


Photonics Group’s strategy is to become a global market leader in the three segments in which it operates

Market and financial targets

  • Annual average growth rates of 15-20%
  • Attractive earnings through high margins
  • Increased return on capital employed (RoCE) in line with the NKT Group target of around 15-20%


The focus in Photonics Group is on customers and sectors needing new products and solutions that make a difference. The products and solutions offered help customers to better differentiate from competitors by enabling improved performance, enhanced safety or greater cost efficiency.

Each of the segments in which Photonics Group operates contains above-average growth potential based on offering either new technological capabilities or on substituting conventional technologies with new and better solutions.

We have to date achieved significant acceptance for our solutions and high annual growth rates during the initial phase with strong focus on the development and market launch of our technologies and products. Photonics Group is now ready to embark on the industrialisation phase and to become a valuable industrial pillar in the NKT family.



Photonics Group’s ambition is to grow - and much faster than our industry in general. We therefore have a constant need for talented and ambitious employees.

We are headquartered at three different locations: in Cologne, Germany (Lios Technology), in Birkerød, Denmark (NKT Photonics) and in Morganville, New Jersey, US (Vytran). At each location we have management, R&D, manufacturing and office functions. Our sales and service forces are located both at head offices and around the world.

We are always in search of new employees with competencies that can take Photonics Group forward to a higher level. So if your abilities and ambitions match our aims and activities, do not hesitate to contact us.

You will find contact details as well as more specific information on our activities at the following links. Current vacancies will be listed but you are very welcome to send us an unsolicited application:





NKT har holdt generalforsamling den 25. marts 2015

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27 February 2015: NKT 2014 Annual Report has been released

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